1. Landscape
2. Architecture
3. Portrait
4. Still life
5. Fauna
6. Flora
7. Water essence
8. Symbolic picture
9. Thematic composition / Storytelling picture
10. Pastel experiments

Number of works:

Ypu may submit any number of works to the contest, including series - up to 3 pieces, in one or more nominations.

Each work is assessed as an independent work, with its own rating. A series is assessed as one piece (diptych, triptych).

Assessment criteria:
a) Originality of the creative idea;
b) Compositional integrity, color and tonal solution;
d) Technical and performing skills;

Please note: The quality of the submitted photos also play a role in the judging process.


Participants must be over 17 years old.
The contest is held in several countries around the world.

The work should be done at least 80% soft / dry pastels; without the use of oil pastels. Nupastels and other "more complex" pastels are considered soft pastels. The use of other materials allowed is 20% maximum.

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How to participate

To participate in the contest you must send the following materials (to


1) Application form (download in format Word, PDF);
2) Labels for each competition entry (download in format Word, PDF);
3) Photo of the author (at least 3x4 cm in size);
4) Photos of competitive works (not less than 200 dpi, not more than 20 Mb);
5) A copy or a screenshot of payment of the registration fee; See the cost of participation in the section: "Registration fees and payment methods"

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Schedule / Contest Location

Schedule of the PASTELium Contest

ru Russia, Moscow: February 6-11, 2023
Registration deadline: January 22, 2023
Address: Moscow, Kuznetsky Most st., 20
Exhibition halls of the Moscow Union of Artists

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