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The international pastel contest "PASTELIUM" was founded by the World Fund of Arts with the goal of promoting pastel art all over the world, opening a broad look at several interpretations of this graphic technique beyond any geographic boundary. The project aims to disseminate and exchange cultures among artists of all nationalities to help talented people gain new perspectives and additional opportunities to take part in relevant international art events.

The competition is attended by pastel artists of any nationality and from any country from 17 years and older.

The international pastel contest "PASTELIUM" is held in different countries of the world. In 2021, exhibitions will be held in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Florence, Tel Aviv, Brussels, Prague, Beijing.

Next exhibitions "Pastelium can be seen here

Characteristics of the submitted works:
Submitted works should be written using at least 80% soft pastel; without oil pastels.Nu pastels and other "more complex" pastels are considered soft pastels. The use of other materials is allowed, maximum 20%.


1. Landscape;
2. Architecture;
3. Portrait;
4. Still life;
5. Fauna;
6. Flora;
7. Water essence;
8. Symbolic picture;
9. Thematic composition / storytelling picture;
10. Pastel experiments.

The organizers are especially proud of the composition of the members of the Expert Council / jury, whose professional opinion will help determine the best works that are submitted to the competition.
The general list of jury members is given in the section "Expert Council"

Among them:
Jason Chang (Тайвань, Pastel Society of America)
José del Riego (Spain, Pastel Society of Spain, ASPAS)
Emanuela Terragnoli (Italy, Accademia d’Arte e Artigianato Artistico di Verona)
Sergei Oussik (Russia)
Alena Rachinger (Germany, Pastel Society of Germany)
Anne Taylor (Australia, Pastel Society of Australia)
Dolores Saul (Germany, Pastel Society of Germany)
Helen C. Iaea (USA, Pastel Society of USA)
Irina Orlova (Russia, National Union of Pastels)
Javad Soleimanpour (Turkey, Pastel Society of Turkey)
Michelle Caussin-Bellon (France, Pastel Society of France)
Pishuang Hsiao (Taiwan, Pastel Society of Taiwan)
Susan E Roden (USA, Pastel Society of America)

A complete list of jury members can be found here

All participants of the PASTELIUM International Pastel Contest eligible to participate in the contest will be published in International catalogue "PASTELium in World". Catalogue structure: winners are published in the first part, and the remaining participants in the second part. Comments of pastel masters from the jury members who wrote a few words about the work they liked will also be published in catalogue.

Producer: World Fund of Arts

Partners: Pastel Society of America, Pastel Society of Spain, ASPAS, Accademia d’Arte e Artigianato Artistico di Verona, Eurasian Art Union, NextArt Global Art Agency

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